Mazzanti Automobili S.R.L.

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Fast Facts

Mazzanti Automobili S.R.L
Pontedera, Italy
ACH, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Credit Card
Regulation 506(c)


Mazzanti Automobili has a world-class team of professionals with rich experiences on F1, 24 Hours Of Le Mans, Worldwide Rally Championship, and Ferrari Corse.

One of the biggest goals achieved by Mazzanti’s team is the creation of a luxury hypercar artisan company based on excellence with the use of high technology, digitalization, and innovation.

Luca Mazzanti
Founder & CEO
With more than 30 years of experience in sports cars, Luca actively participates in the entire life cycle of hypercars development at Mazzanti Automobili and personally designed the hypercar Evantra.
Alessandro Paolini
Chief Finance & Innovation Manager
Alessandro is an independent advisor and an expert in business strategy and innovation. He is the CEO of the Missing Link, a family business consulting company. Alessandro is an innovation manager and owns a MiSE certificate from the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy.
Tonino Cerere
Chassis & Mechanics Technician
Tonino worked with Osella in Formula 1. He contributes fundamentally to the creation and development of the various Mazzanti Automobili hypercars models.
Alberto Bucci
Responsible Technical Engineer
Alberto involves in an enterprising engineer field with full experience in the technical part and project management. He had wide experience at Magneti Marelli and Volkswagen.
Diego Iodice
Electronic & Gearbox Design
Diego has 25 years of experience in global car racing in various categories, including Indy Wold Series, Formula E, LMP2, F3, Formula 3000, Formula Pro 2000 and Formula Master.
Nico Meo
Responsible For Assembly & Electrical System
Nico worked for 11 years at Pagani and many other well-known sport car brands. He is an expert in all the electrical parts of the car and the assembly of the various components.
Carlo Beconcini
Bodywork & Assembly Technician
Carlo's expertise ranges from the construction of the car chassis to the assembly of bodywork and the construction of various Mazzanti hypercars components.
Samuele Nucci
Design Department & Chassis Design
Samuele is the designer of the technical office. He participated in the international competitions of the Formula SAE with the "E-Tean Squadra Corse" of the University of Pisa.
Luca Masserano
Test Driver & Development Manager
Luca was a test driver for Maserati and Alfa Romeo and took the responsibility for the development and durability of various models, such as Ghibli, Levante, and Giulia Quadrifoglio.
Tommaso Masini
Head of the Technical Department.
Tommaso collaborates with ACI Sport as technical commissioner by participating in international events such as the F1 Grand Prix of Monza, Rally Italia Sardegna of the World Rally Championship and Rally di Roma Capitale.
Alfonso Biscardi
Hypercar Designer
Alfonso is following Mazzanti's brand design. He was involving in the whole process of Mazzanti's hypercar design, He follows the car design process from sketch to design and creation of 3D models.
Carlo Trotta
Mazzanti's Brand Ambassador in China
Carlo is in charge of Mazzanti's operations in China, including the STO, blockchain and NFTs projects.

Investment FAQ

A security token offering (STO) is token-based fundraising on the blockchain. A security token is a unique token or digital share, issued on a blockchain representing a stake in an asset or a business. Security tokens allow companies to access new capital and investors to access innovative investment opportunities in a regulated environment.
Anyone from anywhere, who has reached the legal age of being an adult and is an accredited investor.

An accredited investor means who satisfy the following requirements:
  1. The investor has a net worth of over $1 million, either alone or with a spouse.
  2. Investors’ annual income exceeded $200,000 or $300,000 together with a spouse.
  3. Entity or trust nor formed for the specific purpose of investing with over $5M in assets.
  4. An entity with all accredited investors by the standards above.
  5. The investor who holds in good standing in Series 7, 65, or 82.

Notice: Investors in the following countries are not allowed to invest in this offering: Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Yemen.
The MZZ Token price is equal to $1 and represents the right to 20% of the sale proceeds from the presale of Mazzanti hypercars. The MZZ Token represents registered securities issued by Mazzanti Automobili Srl, through this offering. Mazzanti Automobili has already active pre-orders for a value of $10,000,000 and the proceeds will be spent to complete the customer’s orders.

The MZZ Tokens are registered securities of preferential participation right in the revenues arising from the sale price of Mazzanti hypercars. The MZZ Token is SEC regulated. For the offering, it is contemplated to make use of article Reg D 506(c).

  1. The token price is $1.00/token.
  2. The minimum required investment is $10,000.
  3. The expected yield is 20%.
You can find resources on the risks in the Private Placement Memorandum’s Risk Factors Section, the Disclosures and Disclaimers, and the Additional Risks Disclosures.
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  • Reg-D

    Offering Type
    The type of investments that can be made into this asset.
  • $10,000

    Min. Investment
    The smallest investment amount that this asset is accepting.
  • $35,000,000

    Valuation Cap
    The maximum valuation at which your investment converts into equity shares or cash.
  • 20.00%

    Expected Yield
    If a trigger event occurs, the discount provision gives investors equity shares (or equal value in cash) at a reduced price.

Bonus Perks

Invest (18 left of 30)
Set made of one polo t-shirt and hat with logo Mazzanti and the investor name embroidered on it.
Invest (10 left of 10)
Set made of one polo t-shirt and hat with logo Mazzanti and the investor name embroidered on it. You’ll also receive an exclusive membership for the Mazzanti Racing Club.
Invest (2 left of 2)
Italy experience package for two people. You'll get air tickets, accommodation in Pisa, visit to Mazzanti Atelier, dinner with Luca Mazzanti, a guided tour to Andrea Bocelli's winery, and an exclusive membership for the Mazzanti Racing Club.
Invest (2 left of 2)
Exclusive membership to Mazzanti Racing Club and private access to Mazzanti events in Italy and China.
Invest (1 left of 1)
5% discount on the purchase of a Mazzanti Evantra handcrafted hypercar. You’ll also get an exclusive membership for the Mazzanti Racing Club and private access to Mazzanti events in Italy and China.