Capital Raising

For many entrepreneurs, the biggest obstacle when launching a company is capital raising. Privately selling shares involves less legal fees and can thus be more affordable than selling shares publicly. Small and emerging ventures commonly choose to raise money from private investors such as angels or venture capitalists. Throughout this process, it is essential to comply with securities laws mandated by the SEC as well as local Blue Sky laws.

  Review Of Our Services

Issuer Consulting provides effective consulting services that will facilitate your startup’s ability to raise capital. We can consult you on issuance, Crowdfunding, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Secondary Offerings. Our services include helping you find investment bankers to efficiently conduct your IPO and consulting you throughout that entire process, discussing crowdfunding offerings and strategies that will optimize your financial gain, and helping you devise exit strategies in advance. This ultimately mitigates your risk, ensuring that you can exit the market at any time. Our consulting services will allow you to streamline the capital raising process, maximizing you and your company’s profit.